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Yes, It’s August

NaNo is a chance to get that story that’s in your head, the one you constantly dream about, into words. It’s that chance where you get to meet and hang out with people who are just as insane as you are.

It’s more than just writing. You’re challenging yourself. You’re pushing yourself. Just when you think “Ahh, got my words,” a new day has sprung and you have to write 1667 more. It’s a never-ending cycle that while you don’t get a huge prize or rounds of applause, you finish with this feeling of self-satisfaction that you can’t deny.

In short, NaNo is the best gift, FOR FREE, that you can give to yourself. Family, friends, and social life be damned.

I wrote that today, about NaNo. Explaining why it’s SO worth the time, the effort, the frustration, the heart ache.
You get paid in triplicates with the positives.
I love it!
I love being a part of it.

You should try it out. Check it out. Do it!

The Nerd Emerges

I just added some more to my Wishlist of Doom, and, :lol:, it’s got a nice chunk of DnD-related books on it. We got Mark Races of the Dragon, but he already had it, :lol:, so we’re keeping it. We got him Player’s Handbook II instead (what he wanted). While we were at Barnes ‘ Noble, we got the kidlets a book each. Madi got a Clifford book, based on the TV series, and Ethan got a Sesame Street book about going potty on the potty, :lol:.

I seriously need to get to work on things, :lol:. I didn’t do tags yesterday (too hot, too tired, headache), and I need to work on today’s. grumble I seriously need to start getting more set on doing this stuff. August isn’t extremely hot for long, usually. No more than a few weeks. Considering I’m leaving Sept. 23rd for my parents, and most likely not going to be back until the 12th or so of October, I need to get to work (don’t worry, members, something’ll be done for while I’m gone).

Other than that, nothing much is really going on. Josh’s next paystub will be significantly smaller than what we’re used to (only 22 or so hours for one week, not sure about the next), and that’ll also have the first round of insurance coming out of it. I’m so not looking forward to it, but hopefully it’ll cover rent (should, considering the first paycheck covered rent and the rest of bills). If not, I forsee myself spamming communities with the reminders of my sale (come on, check it out).