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Just gotta get this out

I’m tired of struggling over bills. I’m tired of dealing with the cost of shit going up, but hours going down. I’m sick and tired of this life right now.

I just want to be put out of my misery, literally and figuratively. I wish this life was a bit easier. We’re having to cut back more and more with the stuff we have. What’s next? The internet? Well, how will I pay certain bills that are *only* payable online without a fee? The TV? Then we have to shell out more money for DVDs because the local channels do not come in here at all.

This means we’re having to put off buying a house more and more because the post office can’t guarantee hours for anyone anymore. The regulars get their 40 no matter what, but at the expense of the PTF’s getting any sort. That means Josh, since the lowest on the ladder, is one of the first to get sent home, if he’s even scheduled to come in.

I know I have a lot of things to be thankful for, but right now, I can’t see it, at all. I can’t see anything but this misery that we’re drowning in. Sorry kids, looks like we won’t be having a Christmas right now.

Weekly Plans – May 5 – May 11

The Goal:
Each week, you figure out what you need to do for the following week. No real point, but it’s a great way of keeping track of plans and things.
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Today is your day

I have no idea, but I’ve got this feeling that today’s either going to rock and completely suck. No middle ground. That just totally bites, doesn’t it?

We did figure out some good news: rent will technically be coming out of the next paycheck. The next paycheck is going to be a decent size (1 day off each week, plus Sunday extra pay). *sweet* That just works out perfectly. That means we can keep money in the savings account, and have a buffer. That means if the computer decides to completely bite the dust, we’re going to be okay 🙂 I like that. That makes me feel a lot better.

Josh called at about 11:30 this morning. He was just starting his route. Everyone had a lot of mail, and I mean a lot. He started at the same time as most of the regulars, so it’s not because he’s slow. He called while he was filling up the LLV (mail truck). He started at 7:45, and he told them (Jayhawk Station) straight-up that he was going to need assistance. The guy who’ll be helping him out said that he most likely won’t catch him until after 5. They have to be back at the station by six for the mail pick-up. That means he’s definitely getting overtime today (5:15 would be 10 hours, including his 1/2 hour lunch). Holy damn!! If he works past 6, he gets even more money, for working “evening”.

Tomorrow is his day off. Since we’ve got our buffer, if he wants to go out and do something, we can (like buy actual day-to-day tennis shoes). I’m totally cool with that.

Speaking of shoes, I got me some new ones yesterday: Athletic Works 7000 Jogger. They’re light grey and dark purple, with white. GORGEOUS!! And totally me (curved toe, comfy, etc). We got Madi a new pair of sandals. We realized that her shoes were a size too small, so we got her a pair that were on clearance. Brown and strappy and ADORABLE!! We also found her shoes for the wedding. I found a pair I liked, in white, but the smallest size was a size 11. She’s a size 8/9 (depending on the shoe), so that wouldn’t work. Got those for super-cheap! Ethan also got a pair of shoes for the wedding. We got him some adorable penny loafers. They’re the same exact pair I found the day I got his outfit for it, and they still look perfect!! I can’t wait for Julie to see them.

Today’s plans:

  • Upgrade to 2.3 once it’s released (supposed to be today at some point)
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Well that sucks

We picked up our digital cable box. Cox is saying its hooked-up right (since they can read it), but the damn thing keeps resetting itself on the second bar. *grumble* They scheduled a tech for Monday, first thing. That was the earliest possible appointment date O.o Scary, huh? It worked ONCE for 5 minutes, and then died again. And that was after fiddling to just get it to read the remote to change channels. Looks like they gave us a dead box. 🙁

Got 4 months worth of birth control, so nothing to worry about when I travel to Indiana. It’s definitely going to be from the 23rd of September (though I’ll be logging off on the 22nd) until the 12th of October. Thank god my book should be here by then, LOL. We’ll see about that, I guess.

Josh and I got our hair cut today. Mine’s all one length still, but shoulder-length (will take pictures later). Josh’s is short, but sexy 🙂 I love it when he gets his hair cut. We didn’t do the kids. Madi was having enough problems dealing with us brushing her hair this morning. Josh also got Madden 08, and we got to see most of the Walmart regulars (associates, not customers). It felt good. I miss them all a lot. 🙂