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Makings of a Great Lunch

Makings of a Great Lunch
Originally uploaded by Sarah @ TM2TS

First, this was just a goof off with the camera, and the settings πŸ™‚
Second, this picture makes me hungry, :lol:.

Madi’s sandwich fixings. The child absolutely loves and adores peanut butter. And I’m glad she does. She’s not much of a meat eater, unless it’s her Pappaw’s butchered beef, :lol:, so this is an easy, and inexpensive way for her to get some protein in her diet.

She usually gets it with fluff or jelly/jam. Jelly/Jam is either strawberry or grape. She also has the choice of squares, triangles or rectangles for it to be cut in. She usually chooses rectangles for school and squares when she’s at home, πŸ™‚

What’s your favorite sammy?