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Project 2016 Weeks 7 & 8

I’m not behind! I’ve had Week 07 done for like half the week, :lol:. I finished Week 08 done on the 31st. I just couldn’t focus long enough to get anything done. But, I’m mostly on top of my Project 2016! And with Project: Life for Android out now, I’m going to be able do even more pages with ease!

Project 2016: Week 07

I worked a double. Doubles aren’t fun, but I finished it. I didn’t mind the hours. I liked the extra day off as well 😉 I am loving Project 2016. I’m getting into the hang of making sure I pick a picture at least once every 2 days for the Project 365 portion of it!

Project 2016: Week 07, Side A
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Typical Writer Regular

I had to work on Valentine’s Day. Not just work, but had to do a double. So I got to enjoy an extra day with the kids. Though they weren’t too thrilled with it. We at least got pretty flowers.


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A Small Celebration

I have a pair of shorts that I got about 6 years ago. They were a “little” lose when I got them (had to buy them a size larger because of my thighs). So, now?
They’re so big on me that I have to wear a belt. If not, I become one of those people whose pants are around their knees.

I didn’t realize but there’s nearly a 20lb difference between the day I bought those pants and today. There’s a 10lb difference between today and the time right before I got pregnant with Ethan (and they told me I needed to gain a minimum of 5lb before they’d consider me a “healthy” weight). I’m never going to be as small as I was before Madison, but that was a very unhealthy 90-95lb. 120-125? Not reaching 130 when I’m at my most bloated? I’ll take it!


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I’ve Been Waiting For A Girl Like You

So, I’ve been watching a lot of Glee lately, and this was the song that was just played!

April 04
I was a little annoyed and pissy yesterday 😆
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Photo Challenges


I’m taking part in a few Photo Challenges! Fat Mum Slim Photo a Day, MCP Photo a Day, and Capture Your 365. Plus, I’m doing the “Currently List” series for April! Continue reading


Tomorrow’s Birthday Plans


Tomorrow, my baby boy turns NINE YEARS OLD! I’m going to do something special and do an hourly picture taking, celebrating it! Both kids are on Spring Break this week, so it’s PERFECT! This boy has NEVER gone to school on his birthday! It always falls during Spring Break! Madison’s is always during summer vacation as well! Spoiled kiddos!