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One Item Ticked Off the List

I have a list of things I need to do this week while I’m off. Each day, I’ll choose a different task.

Today was my bathroom. I know, this pic, it doesn’t look like much was done, but I went through EVERYTHING! Four trash bags were filled!

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Venus Vibrance Revisited

I will be the first to admit that I’m known for a few hasty judgements. Once again, I must admit to it. I was a little hasty in my review of the Venus Vibrance. Turns out, after more than one use, it’s easy to get used to. I’m actually liking it.

I shaved my legs around 4:30 this afternoon. It’s now a quarter after 10, and my legs are still quivering a bit from the razor’s vibrations. My husband said that he hasn’t felt my legs this smooth in quite a while. Then again, I don’t really shave in the winter. What’s the point? No one else really sees them, :lol:.

So, in case you were considering the Vibrance, and took anything I said to heart, remember that I am human and can and do make mistakes.

Venus Vibrance Review – What a Joke

I bought the razor at the advice of my husband. He thought it would be better for me, since it supposedly exfoliates and all that at the same time. My review? Not all that it’s cracked up to be. I got more nicks with it than I’ve gotten in a long time. Maybe it’s because it’s the first time I used it, but I’m not a fan of nicks.
My legs do feel smoother, but there were a lot of skipped areas. It’s harder to tell where you’ve been. Plus, with the vibration, it felt like I wasn’t getting as close of a shave as with a regular Venus 🙁
That, and my armpits? I shaved like normal, and had to go back over it with the razor off, just to get the areas that it kept skipping ouch

Nice thing though, is that with all of the Venus razors, the blades are all interchangeable, so I don’t have to use the Vibrance blades with the Vibrance. I can use the ones I get for $8, instead of the $10 Vibrance. That works for me.

I don’t seem to have a lot of luck with the Venus series. I’ve tried most of the blades, and so far, just the regular work for me. Once again, proving that my body prefers the cheap stuff over the more expensive.