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Life Is Just Random

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These came about when I shared a picture on Facebook of an outfit I think is totally cute, but not something I could pull off.

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The End of a Long Weekend

_MG_8688So, this was a long weekend. It was a great weekend.

  • Saturday, Josh got all of the stuff Madison will need for Brownies, vest and patch-related. That starts the 11th! :O
  • Sunday, we went to Holton, and spent the day with family. We got to see everyone. It was nice!
  • Today (Monday), we went to Dillons and got advanced tickets for RenFest. Also found out that the remodeled Dillons has sushi. I finally get to try it! They have an awesome looking store, and since prices are pretty comparable to Walmart, which is across the street from them, I might do combo shopping. *w00t* Dillons, BTW, if you didn’t know, is a Krogers-type store. Their generic is Kroger, at least 🙂 Which means, if it’s an actual Kroger’s, they have the ability to unionize, if they’re not already 😉 I like supporting companies that “allow” unions.

Otherwise, nothing big going on! Working on my announcement for the next 4 speed scraps that I’ll be hosting. 🙂 All on Thursday, at 10am CST!


Just gonna show off my most random pictures:
Water Stripes
I can’t wait to attempt a shot like this when I get my Alpha!!
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Weekly Winners :: October 05 through October 11

Pictures taken with a
Nikon Coolpix L4 Digital Camera
Samsung BlackJack II Smartphone

Also, please visit Sarcastic Mom, aka Lotus

First off, let me say that this week, I had sporadic periods of picture taking. Monday consisted of 72 within a four hour period. It was pretty nice. Part of it was taking Ethan to the playground, and then we had a gorgeous downpour that produced some nice photos. 🙂 I loved it!! Now, on to the pictures!!

PIC-0253 PIC-0252
A Cute Hairstyle
Taken last week, but I just now got it off my phone 🙂
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Thursday 13 – 28th Edition

Today is my mom’s 43rd birthday. Yes, she’s an old bird. Nineteen days ago was my dad’s 50th. Guess who I actually remembered to call? Yeah, my mom, :lol:. That’s bad, right? :w00t: Dad understands, I think. His was on a Saturday. Brain is fried on Saturdays, :lol:.

Today’s 13 is just randomness. Complete and total randomness. No point or reason to it, 😛

Also, I think I’m gonna stop doing the song of the moment thing because I can’t always think of one 😉
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