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Something Fun

The Lights Blur

Life is about being able to just relax and listen to music (there is nothing for you to click here about Winking smile)

Life is about being able to reflect on your life and enjoy what you see.

Life is not about the breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away.

Life is full of surprises; continue to let it do so.

Today is full of the randoms. Don’t you just love it?

Tricks of Light

Every once in awhile, I catch a trick of the light. I think I see something that’s not there. Or I see something that makes me think I have a convex mirror or something. Things just look weird.

But that also gives me some wicked cool ideas for things.

Then again, I’m finding some wicked cool ideas in other places as well.

Speaking of wicked cool ideas, I’m so ready for NaNo 2010. SO EXCITED. Is it time yet?

I Love My Husband

The weird things he says to me:

  • What is maxoderm, and why do men supposedly need it? {that’s a really good question, though 😆 }
  • I’m not drunk because I’m not inco .. inco … incoherent.
  • Star Wars is like crack. Once you start, you can’t stop.
  • I’m not drunk because I’m gonna remember this.
  • The olive oil in the olive just tasted funny.

And now he’s snoring on the couch, missing the Yoda battle scene in the Senate!!

Life is funny

One question I won’t be asking anytime soon is “does enzyte work?“. One, I don’t really care, :lol:. Two, Josh doesn’t need it 😉 Three, I don’t want to know about other guys who use it, :lol:. Nope, not something I stress over, 😉

One thing I do stress over is sleep. Oi! So not getting any, lately. According to Josh, I maintained ten minute long convos last night … while I was asleep. WTF? Um, not something I can recall, :lol:.

Things That Make me Go Hmmm…

  • best hgh releaser … what is it for?
  • Why people hurt people
  • Why people push away others when they need them the most
  • Why my friends have to hurt and I can’t do anything about it
  • Why does the world have to just suck sometimes

Am I the only one who has any of these thoughts?