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Life and The Like, Plus New Releases

First (this happened TODAY):

There is a kid who’s just a bad kid all around. He needs an attitude adjustment badly.

So, they’re throwing baseballs, and I finally just had enough. I told him off for it.

Told him flat out that if he breaks my window I was going to break him.

Weird, but best part, the other kids were standing up with me, saying that he needed to stop, or he was going to get his family evicted.

Then, I have a neighbor walk up to me and thank me, for saying it. Said that she’s forever out there telling them to stop throwing rocks and things because they’re going to break something.

Ugh! Lack of parenting is quite apparent.


Yesterday started as a very pretty day. Just gorgeous and nice. Temps were perfect all around. All that good stuff.

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Day in the Life

I got my insurance bill today. Less than $30 for my life insurance. Car insurance is still actually cheap car insurance, considering that we have full coverage on our 2001 Trailblazer.

Also, Josh is off with the Monkey. We’re going to be getting Zoobooks and National Geographic to support Madi’s Girl Scout troop Surprised smile

Other than that, not much going on! I went to Wal-Mart … even drove in the rain. Voluntarily!! Go Me! *w00t w00t*

Things to Do


Today is going to be a busy day. LOTS of laundry to do. Plus, I’d really like to at least clean the tubs.

I also need to clean the kitchen.

And still have to send the PP’s for my speed scrap I hosted on Thursday. And work on one for this Thursday.

Besides that, I’m also keeping myself updated on what’s happening in Wisconsin. I’m a union girl through and through. As Josh put it: We’re the UNITED States of America. How can our representatives be so anti-union? VERY good question!

In other news, took a lot of stuff to the Goodwill Smile We did good, I think Smile

Oh, and I’m seriously worried over what’s going on in Japan. I’ve read that their reactor rods are melting, which means a nuclear disaster is very much imminent Sad smile

Get my Scrap on

Yeah, I’m scrapping … ish.

I’m having problems focusing. My brain keeps trailing off to somewhere else, to do something else Surprised smile

It goes to looking into canon ink cartridges, though we have an HP printer.

It goes to wanting to go outside and take pictures of the snow, though my batteries on my cameras are dead.

It goes to wishing Josh was home so I wasn’t stressing on him being out there in this bullshit weather because Lawrence is totally fail at maintaining shit.

Random Writings

I wrote this last night … on my phone, and e-mailed it to myself, Laughing out loud

She looked around. She had heard a sound but no one and nothing was there. She shook her head at herself. She was developing delusions, seeing figures in the shadows, and hearing voices in the winds. She wished that she lived a normal life, one without all the fear and the craziness. She wished she lived a life that didn’t involve all the self doubt that she currently battled.

I have no idea what it goes with but I’m thinking it’s probably the start of Trellyn’s story Surprised smile … No, I still haven’t finished Alestra or Temper’s stories Surprised smile