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Puppy Cuddles


Hunter cuddling with Patchie in the cab of Josh’s old Sonoma.

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Puppy Power

Josh and the boy were watching Pound Puppies, and made me realize we might need to buy some dog supplies. Why? Because of friends, Mark and Julie, got a puppy, named Jack 🙂 We could get him something for the holidays.

But what do you get a dog for the holidays?
Molly and Suzie, Josh’s dad’s dogs, we would get bones or something because they’re bigger. Jack is a tiny dog, one of those lap dog types 🙂


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Stringy Things

Theme: Strings

Strings are on my headphones for listening to music and blocking out loud, rude, obnoxious neighbors who have no respect for others.
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There’s a Puppy

DSCN2296, originally uploaded by Sarah @ TM2TS.

Our friends, Mark and Julie, got a new puppy. With him comes lots of pictures. He’s the most adorable dog I think I’ve ever seen.
He’s now officially been named “Jack” short for “Jack Daniels”. Yes, after the drink. Mark loves Jack Daniels, and Julie loves the Jack Daniel wine coolers, so it works, right? They wanted to name him after a Jeff Dunham character, but Peanut just didn’t sound right for him.

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