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Wireless Networking Problems

Question/Problem: When I hook up my wireless router, my PC no longer connects, but the Wii can, without a problem

Operating System and VERSION: PC: Windows XP SP2, and then whatevers on the Wii

Web Browser and VERSION: Firefox for the PC, Opera for the Wii

Your level of experience: Seasoned with certain things, beginner with routers

Duration of problem: It’s been happening for awhile. My ISP (Cox) says it’s not them, but since I can connect with at least one internet-capable machine, I’m inclined to believe. It worked for awhile, but then stopped, and then would again, and then stopped again. We usually have to keep the router disconnected most of the time.

Any steps you’ve taken to troubleshoot? I’m not sure of which I can take. I’ve tried it with the router on, but the Wii off, and still have nothing. It’s already password-protected and all that good stuff.

I’m not sure if this info matters:
We’re not sure if it’s the computer (it’s slowly dying a painful death). We’re purchasing a laptop as soon as tax return comes in (should be by the end of the week), and we’re hoping that both of us can get on the computers at the same time. We’re purchasing a new tower in a few months (laptop is a priority, since I’m going to be going out of town, and still want to be in better contact than just phone with my husband).


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Scratch That

Well, I was going to save today’s blog post until we got the truck and flood you with pictures of the pretty, but that idea is now screwed.

The check was supposed to arrive today. It was either sent by priority or express, and sent on Tuesday. No matter what, it should have arrived today. This is seriously ranking on me. We have the money, just no check to prove it. It’s figures that the reason we can semi-afford this car is the reason we can’t get it when we were supposed to.

I’m honestly hating the post office. Always, always, ALWAYS, our stuff doesn’t arrive when it’s supposed to, and then they claim “sorry we missed you”, when the lazies didn’t even knock on the damn door. Josh informed me, though, that they can actually get hard-core busted for doing that, too. If you can prove you were home at the time (I think blog postings would count, or something similar), the carrier in question can get written up, because delivering is, you know, part of their job.


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