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Less-Words Wednesday

The picture represents the end of an age. It represents the end of Madi being my baby girl to being my school-aged little girl. cry Everything inside that bag was picked by her, and while I’m proud that she’s starting kindergarten, it’s a bittersweet feeling. The bag houses a 2-inch binder in white, waiting for Mommy to design the cover for it. Inside the binder are two folders, one of an adorable puppy and a pink-sparkly design one. She also has a pink supply box, with a Princesses zipper pencil bag inside. There’s also a box of 3-oz Dixie cups in a pink and brown circle pattern. Inside the front-zipper-pocket is her Crayola Markers. The napkins are also part of her school supply list, and patterned with butterflies and dragonflies.

Yesterday’s Pics, As Promised

As I promised, pictures of the kids at Josh’s dad’s. 🙂 There were 69 total pictures before the battery died, XD. Josh finds that number quite ironic.

They actually shared the Jeep. We’ve got two, but only one is built. The shot was Madi getting out, so Ethan can play. And she was going “Time for Ethan”. *AWW!!*

The picture is a bit blurry, but honestly, it adds to it, IMO 🙂
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