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When the rich wage war, it’s the poor that die

Title for post snagged from Hands Held High by Linkin Park, a song that really speaks for the times of today. Even the non-explicit version is something worth listening to.

Yesterday, North Carolina and Indiana did their big votes for the Democratic nominations. North Carolina was handed to Obama before even 15% of the votes had been calculated. He won by a huge margin in terms of amounts of votes, but not huge in terms of a percentage. He won by over 200,000 votes, but only by 6% overall. Indiana, he only lost by 2%, by 18,000 votes. So much for her claim for a total blow-out in Indiana.

The part that makes me most excited? Evansville/Vanderburgh Co., my home town, went solidly for Obama, which came as a surprise. It wasn’t much of a surprise for me, since after talking to my sister, and reading some of my Twitter’d friends there, Obama had more of a following than Hillary ever could.

Yes, I’m an Obama Mama, and yes I’m proud of it.