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Today Has Been Mostly Good!

Today I turned 37!

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30 Days of Lists: Day 22

D14 List 22 - My to do list

  1. Wrap presents
  2. Upload layout I made yesterday
  3. Blog layouts I made yesterday
  4. Start dinner
  5. Read some more books 😀

30 Days of Lists: Days 18 & 19

D14 List 18 - Things to cross off my list

  1. First snow fall
  2. Presents for the kids
  3. Present for Josh
  4. Choosing a word for 2015
  5. Choosing the planner for 2015 (I just have to ORDER it)

D14 List 19 - Things I will never regret

  1. Having kids when I did (even though the timing sucked)
  2. Waiting for my first time 😀
  3. Leaving home (both times)
  4. Starting a blog
  5. Buying a Kindle 😆

*EDITORS NOTE: This is another that I ended up just saving as a draft and NOT publishing, because I was a little out of it on cold medicine. WHOOPS!*


Throwback Thursday

2012 … my adorable husband playing on his phone. I love him!

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Presents Under the Tree


Again, Mom’s presents arrive early (which we like), causing the children to hover over the tree in anticipation.

They’re SO excited for Christmas and it’s just so cute seeing them like that.