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One Little Word 2015: Happy

Everyone else seems to have these strong and powerful words, and mine is so SIMPLE. “Happy.”

My word is HAPPY. It feels SO BIG and huge to me though. As a child, I went through the pain of a split home and didn’t see my dad (and I’m a total Daddy’s girl, so you can imagine) for nearly 3 years.
Then he got custody and I wasn’t the only “girl” in his life. I had a step-mom and a baby sister coming. It was hard.

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30 Days of Lists: Day 11

D14 List 11 - Parts of my life I wish I could outsource

  1. Laundry
  2. Cleaning the bathrooms
  3. Aunt Flo (gross, I know, but also painful)
  4. Grocery shopping
  5. Dealing with sickness

Not Feeling Good


I am thankful every day for the laptop that we were finally able to get me. Being able to feel like absolute death and still be able to do things I need to do? Yeah, that’s how I find the positive in obvious PMS symptoms. I’m so sick and tired of being a female. At least during that particular week. Blech.