Um … that’s just GROSS

I can say that I have never researched colon cleanser, though I have watched things about anal bleaching. Is that weird at all? Am I strange? Am I the only one who’s seen that sort of stuff?

Reminds me of when we were dealing with constipation issues with Ethan though. That is all I’m going to say on that, since he, or someone later, might read this, and I don’t want to embarrass him that badly Winking smile

I Am Death, Warmed-Over

Yeah, that’s how I feel right now πŸ™
I feel like absolute POOP right now.
Yeah, I won’t even mention how that really is more than just a figure of speech right now.
Stupid freaking FLU combined with IBS.
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Yesterday’s Pics, As Promised

As I promised, pictures of the kids at Josh’s dad’s. πŸ™‚ There were 69 total pictures before the battery died, XD. Josh finds that number quite ironic.

They actually shared the Jeep. We’ve got two, but only one is built. The shot was Madi getting out, so Ethan can play. And she was going “Time for Ethan”. *AWW!!*

The picture is a bit blurry, but honestly, it adds to it, IMO πŸ™‚
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First Cold of the Season – other stuff for WP

Sick Babies
My poor little mites. They both got their first colds of the season, and is it ever a doozy. Ethan’s already running a fever (100.1, down from 100.7 -by ear thermometer – recommended by Madi’s pediatrician). He’s all congested, and not drinking much. Madi’s just a bit congested, but, ironically, now wanting to potty-train o.O Weird, right?

Besides just leaving Ethan be (which is what he wants), and trying to give him some medicine to help the symptoms (right now it’s just some Tylenol), any suggestions on how to make him feel better. Lunch is already going to be chicken noodle soup (man, some foresight there, grabbing quite a few cans while I was at the store). Madi gags when I give her meds, so I’m just going to let her be. Her doctor has Saturday hours, so if she gets bad, I can still take her in. Ethan’s doc is still in the air because of doctor switches prior to moving to Hubs’s insurance.

On the home front of potty training, though: me having to concentrate on Ethan is making Madi potty by herself. I’m not hounding her about it, so she’s went pee once, at least (she doesn’t always say, she just runs to the potty, XD) and poop once πŸ™‚ She’s doing awesome and I’m so proud of her!!
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Once …

but she still did it!!

Josh, before he left for work, gave Madi a glass of milk. So, about 20 minutes later (in bed with me), she goes “I gotta go potty”. I told her to go to the bathroom, and off she ran. Then, I heard that distinct sound of her peeing!! SHE DID IT!! And make that TWICE that she’s done it!

What we’ve been doing has been letting her run around in her “big girl panties” and only putting her in the Pull-Ups at naptime and bedtime. If she pees in her “big girl panties”, then she helps whoever is the one cleaning it up, and I think that’s really working. She’s realising things. I think she’s FINALLY ready!

To make it all complete, Ethan’s now taking an interest in going on the potty, too! He’ll poop in his Easy Ups, and then go sit on the potty. He’s got it a little backwards, but he’s learning. He takes so much pride in pulling off the Easy Ups and throwing them away, so I think potty training him will be a lot easier than with Madi.