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The water glitters
Diamonds reflecting the sky
Peace. Serenity.


Days 12 & 13–May Blog Challenge

Tell us how your blog got its name (and tagline).


There’s More to the Story … I’m not even really sure how it came about, but I was switching to a new sub after a server got jacked and ruined my WP files. I had been with Pieces of Me, and that just didn’t fit right. I was looking at pictures and remembered the quote “A picture is worth a thousand words” and it made me think that there’s always more to a story than just what you see! And that’s how the blog name was born! I’ve had it for several years now, and I just love it!

Hiding behind the lens is safer than hiding behind a computer” … Trolls drive me insane. They hide behind anonymity and computer screens. You’re judged a lot less when you’re the one behind the lens instead of in front of it, and that’s just where I prefer to be!


Write a poem or piece of creative prose.

“No, it is not too late. You were honest. That is what I love most about you.”
“I do not care about being honest right now. I just want to be left alone. I am tired of being told what I have to do, what I cannot do, and all of that. I am tired of being lied to, and I am tired of being left in the dark.”

Its from something I wrote during NaNoWriMo. I know it’s not recent but I love it. I’m proud of some of my writings.

Boom Goes the Drum

Music for a special little girl

The drum beats
The sound echoes in the ear
The children laugh
Dancing around to the sound

A parent watches
Her son takes his first step
Not as an infant, but as a man
The drums are for him.

No longer a child,
But a man now
He’s fully accepted
As she had always dreamed

Life is the sound of a drum
The beat of a heart
It all starts and stops
In the same way. Always.


You see the smile on my face
But you turn away in disgust
What did I do to make you feel like that?
When did I ruin our chances?

You’re breaking my heart
With every step you take
Don’t walk away
Be a man and stand

You promised me love and happiness
All I get is tears and a tortured soul
I’m tired of the games and crap
I need more than the man you used to be

I’m done with the pain you inflict
Just continue to just walk away
Give up on what we were
Just like everything else

I’m over and done, so leave
Don’t try and pull anymore flips
You’ve had your chances and blew it
Goodbye, so long, get lost, leave me be

–Written on July 15, 2010
while cooking dinner, 😆

Random Thoughts

Daily I run
This life is fast
No time to slow down
No time to breathe
Things about death and taxes
Scramble around inside my head
Where’s the end?
The end of this ride?