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Thursday 13–Thirteen Apps I’m Addicted To + Weekly Vlog


Apps for Android That I Cannot Live Without

  1. Plurka
    I use this, obviously, for Plurk. It’s the best one that I’ve heard about, and I’ve had no issues with it.
  2. Snapbucket
    I’m “sarahsmf” on there. Feel free to add me.
    Pics I’ve done with it:
  3. PicPlz
    I’m SarahCB1208 on PicPlz! I’d love it if you followed me there! I tend to follow back there!!
  4. Goodreads
    I’m a reader. It’s crack to me. So, I have to be on Goodreads!
  5. GetGlue
    I watch TV. I like stickers. So, I use GetGlue Open-mouthed smile
  6. Flickroid
    The official Flickr app is just crap. Absolute crap. I can’t even figure out how to use it right, so I use Flickroid. It’s idiot proof Open-mouthed smile
  7. Hanging With Friends
    It’s crack. I’m SarahCB1208 there Open-mouthed smile
  8. Words With Friends
    Another using SarahCB1208 Open-mouthed smile
  9. Foursquare
    I like going places Open-mouthed smile
  10. Accuweather
    It puts the temp right on my little task bar, which is easier for me to see vs. the default big and taking up valuable space Winking smile
  11. Evernote
    hee hee, I can’t live without this
  12. Photoshop Express
    It’s not perfect but it’s something!
  13. Tumblr
    Yes, I tumble!

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I Don’t Wanna Grow Up

There was a discussion on Plurk about perimenopause and when its too early. Josh and I have also been discussing wrinkles and aging. Oy! I feel like I’m too young got be researching wrinkle creams, but I guess I’m not. I will be thirty in 17 months. I prefer to say 17 months over one year and 5 months. Feels longer, 😆 I guess it also means I need to watch what I’m eating, huh?

T13 – 4th Edition

Thirteen Services I Can’t Live Without

1. Plurk
2. Twitter
3. MyBlogLog
4. BlogCatalog
5. CafeMom
6. Pownce
7. Gmail
8. WordPress
9. Facebook
10. MySpace
11. Google Reader
12. Trillian
13. Ping.fm

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Thursday Thirteen – 22nd Edition – 13 Plurker Topics

Okay, many know by now that I’m a Plurkette. Well, I couldn’t come up with any topics for Thursday Thirteen, so I put it up to my Plurker buds, and man, did they come up with some HILARIOUS topic ideas. So, I decided to use those ideas for my Thirteen Topic
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Spammity Spam

snort Okay, this post isn’t about spam. snaps fingers Damn, right?
Actually, it’s for those who like to stalk (I’m one of those) the blogs they read. My IDs for things, so you can “stalk” me. 🙂 Feel free!!

PLURK: sarah_tm2ts
Twitter: sarahsmf21
AIM: mindheartpeace
MSN: sarahsmfantasy@hotmail.com
YIM: perfect_dreams16
Skype: sarahsmf
LiveJournal: Sarah_CB
DeviantArt: perfect-dreams16

If there are others, let me know and I’ll check them out and update this post 🙂