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Long Time … Why No Post

Someone hasn’t blogged in awhile. We’re not going to mention the lack of vlogging either. But the reason?

I ended up sick, which meant things got hectic. That means I fell behind in everything.

The real truth is that my bi-polar gave me a bit of a ride the past ten or so days. That means that I was barely motivated to move out of the bed for work. I’m thankful that I know the signs, and it didn’t get as bad as it could. I’m also thankful I have friends and family who help me in ways they would never understand!

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24 September, 2017 · 9:54 pm

This Week in Pictures: January 04-09, 2016


Find more pictures on my Flickr!

I missed doing Weekly Winners, so I’m back to doing these on Sundays! 😀


This was SO GOOD. I need to get more of them! 😀

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10 January, 2016 · 10:15 pm

3 Planners


I don’t know how I became that person, but I have 3 planners now. The two pictured (Plum Paper Family Planner and a Day Designer) plus my Plum Paper Fitness Planner.

What the hell is wrong with me?

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9 August, 2015 · 9:39 pm

July in Review

July 01: Kids had swim lessons and I walked a heart 😆

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31 July, 2015 · 11:55 pm

Today was … Well, Today

Seriously, nothing really happened. Like at all.


Kids had swim lessons.


It didn’t feel good at all

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6 July, 2015 · 10:41 pm