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Today Was Exhausting

Today started out just crappy. Sadly, that’s a pretty bad pun, too πŸ™ I woke up at 4am with major stomach cramps. So, found out the hard way that Walmart’s icing (the whipped) makes my digestive system go into complete failure. Lovely, right? Fun, right? SUCKTASTIC!

That was after not falling asleep until after 2am, because Josh kept snoring. πŸ™ He went and crashed on the couch, and that’s when I finally fell asleep. So, two hours later, I was up, grabbing a book, and sitting for awhile. Yeah, totally and completely TMI, but hey, I’m honest with it.

Two hours later, after watching an episode of Bones on Netflix (using my phone, booyah!), and chatting some with Josh who came back to the bedroom, I caught a couple more hours of sleep.

So, Sundays, we go grocery shopping. Josh was going to be super sweet and take the kids with him, and let me get some more sleep. Yeah, well, I ended up going. If not, who knows what we’d end up with that wasn’t on the list! πŸ˜†

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