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Little Gamer

Madison has always been our little gamer. Ethan will game, but only with the Wii. He doesn’t have enough patience or the ability to sit still long enough to do a computer-based game.

Let’s Go WakeBoarding!


Or as my son said it once: Tube Bending. No idea where he picked it up, but I found it to be cute!

We’ve been playing quite a bit of the Wii lately. If it’s not super icky sticky hot outside, it’s uberly icky grossy wet! Come on, Summer, make up your mind.

In other news: Josh officially put in the transfer request. He’s got like a double-in with this postmaster. One: His dad seems to get along with him. Two: the guy knows Jesse. So, yeah, double-in, double-good. It’ll take 60-ish days. Yes, “ish” was used, Laughing out loud. Now, hopefully, no one pulls any crap and makes it so he can’t transfer. He’ll be the bottom of three or four, but they’re down quite a few positions and with there being FIVE stations instead of two, he’s got more chances for days off (like request approvals, obviously), and I might be able to have lunch with him. For me, that’s a major perk.