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Morning Meltdown … Day 01

I started. Half the battle is that. Just the start. Chugging that pre-workout. Hooking the laptop to the TV. Pushing play.

Half the battle is just doing that.

The rest of the battle is all internal. Finishing. Not stopping. No matter how hard I’m breathing. No matter how much I’m hurting (good hurt, not bad hurt).

Don’t stop. Give it all.

This is all for me, and you’re here to see it!


Family Time @ The Zoo

My work had a function at the zoo. Free food, and free entrance! We took advantage! 😀

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Less Words Wednesday

As you can see, taking advantage of Josh’s days off this week to get bonding time in with Daddy and the boy. The Hummer you see in the background? Something Ethan got for Christmas in 2006. Just now pulling it out, :lol:. :w00t: