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Working For the Man

238/365 [2013] - Busy Schedule

Not really but it’s fun to “pretend” (and by fun, thank the good lord over and over).

Just keeping track of everything I have to do. Parent Night at the school tomorrow. Boy scouts meeting on Wednesday. Newsletter writing on Thursday. Another newsletter to write on Saturday. Busy, busy, busy.

Today was Josh’s day off, and it was nice. We hung around the apartment and it was WONDERFUL. Just perfectly wonderful. I loved it.

011/365 [2012] – I think I need a life!!

There’s nothing on the agenda. Nothing.
I need something to do. Something to plan.
Time to get to work, on making a life.
A life for myself, something that’s my own.
Someday, sometime. Soon.

Taken with picplz.

Memories Already Being Made


I believe I chose the best word ever for 2012. I chose Acceptance/Accept in 2011, and it really made a big impact in my life. I was able to let things go easier. I was able to build healthier, happier relationships. I just accepted what I could change and did, and what I couldn’t, and just walked away. Amazing how well that worked! It got to the point where I didn’t even realize that I was.

So, I chose MEMORY for 2012. Well, Sunday, we went out. We went to several places. I left little markers for myself as I went on Foursquare. My kids probably have a few memories of me picking on them to stay behind Daddy, and pulling them back, but it was to keep them safe. Madison nearly walking into a pole once, and Ethan almost into a display helped them understand.

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