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Oh Good Mail

I love a good mail haul. Especially when I only paid for ONE of the items I got!

I got a bunch of goodies in the mail! Plum Paper Planner Fitness Planner, Schick BzzAgent stuff, and Red Baron BzzAgent stuff! I’m so excited to put everything to use!

February Photo a Day – Day 06 – Dinner

Dinner by TM2TS
Dinner, a photo by TM2TS on Flickr.

Yes, pizza rolls.
Yes, I’m lazy.
No, I really don’t care what you think about it 😀

Recipe: Easy Barbeque Pork Pizza

In my family, we’re getting tired of the same ol’-same ol’ pizza over and over. We want something more creative. So, when I found this recipe, I was excited to check it out. One of these days, I’ll actually make it. Though I’m the weirdo who’ll leave off the peppers and onions .

barbeque chicken pizza Photo © Michael W. May

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a Stolen meme

1. Where is your cell phone? inches from me
2. Your significant other? Josh
3. Your hair? up
4. Your mother? Terri
5. Your father? Greg
6. Your favorite thing? laptop
7. Your dream last night? I don’t remember
8. Your favorite drink? iced tea
9. Your dream/goal? debt free [keeping Kori’s answer
10. The room you’re in? living room area
11. Your fear? death of family
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? a fucking house!
13. Where were you last night? here
14. What you are not? broke [for now]
15. Muffins? depends
16. One of your wish list items? Wacom tablet
17. Where you grew up? Evansville
18. The last thing you did? cut up hte pizza
19. Your TV? 32″ flat panel
21. Your pets? nada
22. Your computer? Laptop *sucka* / tower needing an upgrade 😉
23. Your life? stressful, but perfect. if that makes sense [I like this answer]
24. Your mood? here
25. Missing someone? yes, but he’s on his way home 😛
26. Your car? 01 Chevy Trailblazer 😛
27. Something you’re not wearing? contacts [since I’m wearing glasses ;)]
28. Favorite Store? walmart, sad, i know [not sad, true]
29. Your summer? can die
30. Your favorite color? purple [woot for purple bitches]
31. When is the last time you laughed? um, today?
32. Last time you cried? during the inauguration and then during the recaps [yes, pathetic]
33. Who will/would re-post this? those, like me, who have too much time on their hands

Kicking my ass

I feel like absolute crap today. The hay fever has kicked in overtime today. I took Tylenol PM and Zyrtec last night, and shit, I slept hard, but not long. 🙁 I woke up at 5 freaking AM. FIVE AM!! That’s, like, in the morning. Hell, that’s TWO hours before my alarm. That’s AN HOUR before Josh’s 🙁 *grumble*

I’m not doing much better at all today. I just feel completely and totally out of it. Thank god for the laptop, or I’d be going out of my mind, or else I’d be completely out, and that’s not good either.

Today, Josh had half his route pulled out off him. That means he shouldn’t be getting full-hours, but there is a very good chance he might because of “marriage-mail”. He plans on going through and delivering the regular mail, and going back and doing the “marriage-mail”. Marriage-mail is the circulars, like pizza ads and things 😉 I’m hoping he finishes early because I feel so bad, and I’m scared to zone out while I’m driving. It’s hell trying to drive when you’re sick, but add road-construction on the easiest and fastest route, and you’re begging for an accident 🙁