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Work-Out Fail

I keep having to stop my work outs. I’ve got some sinus BS. I feel great, then, *bam* waves of dizziness and lots of snottage drippage. Sexy, right? I’m still refusing to look at diet pills to get smaller though. That’s a good thing, right?

Slept like butt yesterday. Josh couldn’t sleep, so he made sure I couldn’t either. I hate when he does that. THEN, he opened the windows last night. Considering it’s only 46 right now at quarter to one, can you imagine how cold it was last night? OI! And then he turned on the fan to pull in more cold air. I sleep by that window and fan. *grumble*

Thursday Thirteen – I Miss Kathy

13 Reasons We Love and Miss Kathy

This week’s Thursday Thirteen is dedicated to my mother-in-law who passed away in October of 2006. Today would have been her 50th birthday, and she’s royally missed. Every day I wake up, wishing it wasn’t true, even after over a year. It still just doesn’t feel real. In the picture above, she’s the one in the blue dress.

  1. “You need to sleep with my son”
    That’s gotta be my number one reason I loved Kathy. She told that to me one morning because Josh was being royally pissy, and she assumed it was because he wasn’t getting laid, πŸ˜†
  2. She was a trip and a half.
    She had this amazing personality that just shined in everything and anything she did
  3. Madison
    Madison, personality-wise, is like a mirror image of Kathy. Madison and Kathy were thick as thieves.
  4. Ethan
    Her nickname for him was “Turtle”, because he took things so slow, and because, when he was a newborn, he looked like a turtle. His favorite animal is a turtle now, and goes nuts every time he sees one
  5. Food
    I know it sounds kind of off, but Kathy had a way with food. She could cook the same 4 ingredients over and over, and it would still come out different each time
  6. Heart
    Kathy had an amazing heart. She loved fully and openly, and made sure you knew she loved you. She made sure she told everyone every day.
  7. Josh
    Josh’s heart is still healing over the loss of his mom. I’d love to give him just one more day with her, one more chance to say “I love you, Mom”.
  8. Jamie
    Jamie seriously needs her mom right now. I think Jamie got a lot of her strength from her mom, especially during difficult and stressing times.
  9. Cows
    Don’t ask, just believe, XD. No, seriously, Kathy had a major things for cows. She loved those things, even when they tried to run her over for their food.
  10. Life
    Kathy was always so full of life. She lived every day to its fullest. I honestly believe she didn’t have any regrets about where life took her, and man, did I have so much respect for her for that.
  11. Trust
    Kathy was someone you could always put your trust into. You knew, going in, that she would do what’s right, and would help anyway she could
  12. Hope
    Kathy had so much hope for life, and for everyone in it. She was almost always optimistic about any situation
  13. Anchor
    She was the anchor that held this family together. Now, it seems to be falling apart, and no one seems to know how or wants to fix it.