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So totally me

I finally got the Bluetooth working on the cell (first attempt, too), and got it modified to so totally suit me.
Front image:

Inside image:

Ringtone: Pirates of the Carribean theme, XD

Too cute, right? Of course, drama can’t be stopped with the PC, so I’m just gonna quote from my LJ:

I hate the freaking toggle for Bluetooth. Josh accidentally clicked “dial-up” with Jesse’s phone and it nearly killed me, LOL!!

Josh fixed it!! It wasn’t connecting with the right IP address 🙁 It was connecting with some 192.whatever instead of Cox’s 255.whatever, *sniffle* Now it’s all working though. I’d already given up on it and pretty much had a meltdown, LOL. He never once faltered, except bitching about how slow the computer was running, XD.

Figures, right? If you find the IOGear bluetooth reading thing for the PC, don’t buy it, unless you plan on redoing your network settings constantly!

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