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Cleaning Proof (plus Hoosier Pie)

Those that know me pretty well will want to see proof that I’ve actually cleaned like I said I have:

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Thirty-two minutes …

until the first official day of Fall. The Autumn Equinox is upon us. There’s an anticipation in the air. Can you feel it? I know you can.

Josh works tomorrow, and it just totally and completely BITES!! I hate him working on Sundays. Nice thing though is that it’s over $4.50 extra an hour for doing it, so two weeks of doing it is NICE money 🙂 Makes life a little easier, in the long run, ‘specially with the wedding, bachelorette party, AND Halloween all in the same month. Oy! After that it becomes Thanksgiving, then my birthday, then Christmas.

Damn!! Where the heck did all the time go? I’m still in shock that it’s been almost 6 years since Josh and I moved in together. It’s been 6 years since I struck out on my own. Six years I’ve been surviving. Six years I’ve been with the one person I’m meant to be with. Makes anything and everything tolerable and wonderful.

Oh, speaking of, we found a picture. Amilcar took it of us on one of our trips to Sea World (had a pass so that we could go an unlimited amount of times during the year, and we took advantage of it, XD).

That’s the icon I made with it. Dumbass self didn’t save the scan (still sitting in the scanner, but it makes a lot of noise, and everyone else is asleep). There are more pics in ABOUT though, if you wanna check ’em out.

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Nope, haven’t bought anything, but I did find stuff I want, XD
Everything can be found at the NFL Shop, :football:

Pink shirt, with Colts. Plus, sexy-cut. How can I resist?

Chilly nights, watching the game, but too lazy to turn up the heat? Perfect!!

If you’ve got a perfect ass, you can pull it off (and I was told I do, XD)

This is too perfect!! I can finally have my Hubby’s name on my back, XD

< a href="http://sarahsmidnightfantasy.com/tm2ts/wp-content/colts-shopping/p3772689reg.jpg">
Hey! I’m a girl! Of course I can’t choose just one. I’m partial to the pink-y-ness, though, :lol:.

Who can say they’re a SAHM without owning a pair of comfy pants like that? Hello? And ones that support my Colts? Hell freaking YES!!

I’m trying to find similar shoes for everyday use, but I’m having difficulties, :lol:. I doubt I could convince Josh to spend 65-or-so-bucks for a pair of shoes, XD

Hot shirts. Hot team. Hot yes!

Yeah, I like sweatshirt-styled jackets, XD. May not be flattering, but damn, they’re usually warm 🙂

This shirt is just HOT!! I would kill for it.

Don’t even think of asking how much this is, XD. Josh would KILL me if I even hinted that I wanted it, :lol:.


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My Daughter is Insane

When she’s not painting with nail polish, she’s dressing in winter garb, in 100 degree heat:

See the timecode? I’m not faking it, XD

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Picture Spam

Time for pictures!!

First off, my bra came in!! *dances*
So, here it is:

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