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Yesterday …

Yesterday, she turned 14. It’s not a big exciting birthday like 13 or 16, but here in Kansas, it is a little more exciting than most. Now she can get her permit and she’ll be allowed to drive to work and school :O CRAZY right?

Josh and I are both on vacation. It was nice until today. We won’t discuss today. Let’s just say that stress and us means it gets loud in this apartment. Five minutes later, it’s full of laughter. Maybe we’re all a little bipolar (I say that as a bipolar person).
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21 June, 2017 · 7:08 pm

Stormy Saturday

Started my vacation today. I think the weather is telling me something!

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17 June, 2017 · 10:03 pm

The Board


I have a lot of stuff hanging on my board behind my laptop. It shows my variety of likes

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Last Day of School

Now it’s time for me to sleep!

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19 May, 2016 · 11:58 pm

Goals … I have Them!


So, one goal I had was finding SOMETHING that will stay on my weirdly shaped head while I work out. I found something with TheSavvyCoconut headbands (available on Etsy!)

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16 May, 2016 · 9:41 pm