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SPH: Drink


This morning, I’m definitely needing a drink of this! Hot, yummy coffee

SPH: Busy

A broad interpretation, but I’m busy learning how to make videos using my new Kodak Mini Video Camera (ZM1)!! I’m excited! I love it thus far! It’s waterproof, but I haven’t been daring enough to take it into water. I just got it yesterday!

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Saturday Photo Hunt: Card(s)



The cards currently on hand: Birthday cards for Madi and one I created Smile

Fun to be had over and over!

Photo Hunt: Informative



Taking precautions, reading the information and directions. Time to get my dye on.

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Photo Hunt: Triangle



Paintbrushes and binders.

Triangles are things with three sides. Three angles. Three.

There are those that believe that God is in three parts: Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost/Spirit.

There are those that believe in things happening in threes.

Me? I believe in what can’t be seen.

I believe in life, love, and laughter. See! Three!

I believe in ghosts, aliens and the unexplained.

I’m a Trekkie, an X-Filer, and an uber dork.

That’s how life works. That’s how I work.

Life is good.