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Week in the Life – Saturday

Screenshot-5I am writing this at just after midnight, though you won’t have a chance of reading it until, well, whatever time I set it to pre-post. Sundays are a busy time for us (mostly grocery shopping and catching up on stuff that fell by the wayside during the week).

Saturday was hectic-ish. The morning was go-go-go. Simply because the Boy had a Boy Scout popcorn selling gig at the local Lowe’s at noon. That meant leaving by 11:30, just to make sure we were there a little early. 😀

I really, really, really didn’t want to wake up. I spent an hour or so reading in bed. My nose is all sorts of red and swollen because I was crying. Like full-on bawling at the story I was reading Star Trek: Voyager: Homecoming: Pt.1. I’ve READ IT BEFORE, but I’d just finished re-watching the series again on Netflix (seriously, you need to watch Star Trek Voyager if you’ve never seen it!)

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30 Days – Day 01

Day 01 –> Something you hate about yourself.

My Trichotillomania :'(
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Okay, totally not really the point of the post. I am STARVING though. Nothing sounds good though. Which is how it always is, right?
There are purposeful holes in my top #coltsstrong #photoadayaug #photoaday #augphotoaday
The Colts jersey has been broken out though. Josh got one heck of a laugh out of the fact that I’d stripped it off and hung it back up.
Screw tossing it on the floor. That’s a $60 jersey, probably more now to replace, since Peyton is a Bronco, not a Colts now!
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Down It Went


With very little fanfare, the tree is down. The couch is long and with plenty of seating again.

We also cleaned out the closet some, and got rid of boxes we don’t need. I also, *gasp* cleaned off the desk some, so that eventually, I can use the tablet! Open-mouthed smile

Until tomorrow, when I start blogging about the resolutions (Surprised smile), I leave you with the shot of my kiddos, looking so adorable, in clothes they got for Christmas, and sharing one of me in my favorite Christmas gift.


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