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18 Years

18 years we’ve been together!

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Happy Father’s Day


We went to Josh’s dad’s and Madi, of course, had to play with the cats. 😀

Sleeping In


I got to sleep in again. It was nice.

I’m going to miss seeing this face every day though. He was a blast to hang out with, even if the bathroom remodel made getting to him a bit of a struggle. 😀



My August has already been pretty busy! This past week, I’ve been getting up earlier than I usually do the week before school starts to let this little monster out while his human parents are in Kentucky.

Seriously, he’s lucky he’s cute, because I am so not a morning person, and I HATE driving in town in any sort of fashion and I’ve been doing it every day.

He is cute though. And a total sweetheart. Very well-behaved. If he had a longer coat, I’d be wanting one of my own (sorry, but I love the fluffer dogs ;))

Sid teh Man

Sid teh Man by TM2TS
Sid teh Man, a photo by TM2TSon Flickr.

Bye, Mr. Sweetheart.

Mr. Loud

Mr. Amazing

Mr. Sid

May your suffering be at an end, and may those that loved you find the peace they need as well.

Also, give Kathy a big purr and Meow and tell her everyone here misses her like crazy.