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Just a few of them. I have Sakura gelly roll, Pigma micron, Micro-Line, Prismacolor, Crayola, TomBow, Staedtlers, Sharpie Pen, Pilot G2 So many pens. I love them all for a variety of things! Related articles The Planner … Last Week … Continue reading

Back to School Time … Part 01

School starts August 15th this years from the 2013-14 school year. We’re going for a more “mature” theme for the kids. Well, at least something that doesn’t scream “I’m a little kid.” Madison is going into 5th Grade, and Ethan’s going into 3rd, so it fits. We let them choose most of their supplies, the ones that can be customized. Madison is going for a pink and purple theme. Ethan’s is more neutral, but VERY boy, 😆

They have great taste, I think. Madison originally wanted a $35 backpack. At this point in time, she doesn’t need that. Maybe middle school, when she’ll be bringing home mountains of homework. High school, she’s probably going to end up with an almost hiking-style backpack. Poor kid!
Ethan was super excited to find a camouflage one. I like that it was pixelized grays, and not the traditional brown or green version of camo. Just looks better to me.

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More Writing Necessities

As I once again flounder around, trying to work on pre-writing for NaNo, I’m thinking of things that come in handy for NaNo.


  • Writing Utensils of some sort.
    It can be pen and pencil, a desktop computer, or a laptop.
  • Ideas, lots of ideas
  • An imagination
    Even if you’re writing non-fiction, you need a bit of an imagination to come up with different ways of wording your thoughts
  • The laptop, for me, is now a requirement. Thank god I have one now. 🙂 I do a lot of thinking when I’m “sitting on the pot”, so taking a laptop with me means I don’t have to go “well crap, what was I thinking about?” when I finish. I can also set it to record while I’m in the shower and keep track of them then. Or I can not be a cheapskate, get a program like Dragon NaturallySpeaking and let my mind wander while I’m showering, or doing the dishes, or whatever. I’d have to be careful with that, though, or else I might end up picking up my son’s jabbering as well.

    So, what programs/necessities do you have for NaNo?

    My Little Toys

    Originally uploaded by Sarah @ TM2TS

    Yes, two WiiMotes, two WiiWheels, and 2 things full of pens, along with a pencil bag full of pencils.
    Yes, that’s a dragon, a DnD “miniature”.
    That speaker is our 3CD, MP3 capable stereo.
    The miniatures with the dragon are mine and Josh’s DnD “players”.

    Yes, I’m the nerd! 🙂

    Less-Words Wednesday

    The picture represents the end of an age. It represents the end of Madi being my baby girl to being my school-aged little girl. cry Everything inside that bag was picked by her, and while I’m proud that she’s starting kindergarten, it’s a bittersweet feeling. The bag houses a 2-inch binder in white, waiting for Mommy to design the cover for it. Inside the binder are two folders, one of an adorable puppy and a pink-sparkly design one. She also has a pink supply box, with a Princesses zipper pencil bag inside. There’s also a box of 3-oz Dixie cups in a pink and brown circle pattern. Inside the front-zipper-pocket is her Crayola Markers. The napkins are also part of her school supply list, and patterned with butterflies and dragonflies.