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Sappy Saturday

This is what happened on this day in the past!


Grampa Situates Madi
Madi and my dad <3

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30 Days of Lists: Day 25

D14 List 25 - I would like to remember

  1. My kids’ laughs
  2. My kids’ smiles
  3. My husband’s quirky sense of humor
  4. My past (but not dwell on it)
  5. My present

Wordless Wednesday


Blast from the past. Ethan was throwing a fit. I walked away. He still tries the fits, but they work even less now than they did then.

I’m loving the Timehop app. I love seeing what I’ve done each year on a certain date. It’s pretty interesting. Some days are pretty boring, but some have some great insight into our lives!

Some More P365 in Review

A review of the first of every month of 2011 for P365 😀
001/365 (2011) - Photography032/365 {2011} - Cuddles in Bed060/365 {2011} - Say 'ello to My Li'le Friend
January: Date Night and we go to a bookstore. How pathetic are we?
February: Kids crashed with me because Josh had to crash in Lawrence.
March: We finally got a shredder 😀
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2010 Revisit–Day 197

197/365 - Window to the Soul

I tend to get a lot of shots of my daughter’s eyes. The color is never the same, no matter the shot.
I love that about her!