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Project 2016 Weeks 7 & 8

I’m not behind! I’ve had Week 07 done for like half the week, :lol:. I finished Week 08 done on the 31st. I just couldn’t focus long enough to get anything done. But, I’m mostly on top of my Project 2016! And with Project: Life for Android out now, I’m going to be able do even more pages with ease!

Project 2016: Week 07

I worked a double. Doubles aren’t fun, but I finished it. I didn’t mind the hours. I liked the extra day off as well 😉 I am loving Project 2016. I’m getting into the hang of making sure I pick a picture at least once every 2 days for the Project 365 portion of it!

Project 2016: Week 07, Side A
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Typical Writer Regular

I had to work on Valentine’s Day. Not just work, but had to do a double. So I got to enjoy an extra day with the kids. Though they weren’t too thrilled with it. We at least got pretty flowers.


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30 Days of Lists {Sept 28}


S14 List Header 28

  1. I’ll be 33.
  2. I’ll be 3/4 through the “Happy” year
  3. Closer to being the mother of a teenager
  4. No longer the mother of single-digit-aged children

Amp Up the Noise

366/366 [2012] - SnowMy kids make SO much noise when they’re excited, and this afternoon, they made great waves guitar amps at guitar center completely unnecessary. They were thrilled to hear that there was no school. I don’t think they were so thrilled that it meant that they were going to have to stay home-home. It’s supposed to be super cold and very windy. I think they’re also worried about Daddy. He has to walk in it. It’s scary. Snow plows were flipping over. That’s how bad it is. It’s scary!

First Day of School

First Day of School 2013

First Day of School 2013First Day of School 2013

I can’t believe I’m the mom of a 3rd grader and a 5th grader. Am I even old enough for that? Oh well! They looked adorable, and didn’t mind posing for me at all! YAY!

Oh, and ignore “Crazy Eye Ethan” in the bottom picture. 😀

Organize Me Please


It’s all about being organized this school year, at least for this momma. I’m going to keep track of projects due and things like scouting, work, etc. I’m loving it thus far, but I’ve only had it a day, :lol:.

I got a Plan Ahead Mom’s 18 Months Planner. I had a version of this before, and loved it, so I was eager to get it again. I love the print. Zebra print just suits me. Though, now, I’m worried Madison might try to steal it 😉