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Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

I’m on the hunt for some shoes. I love me some shoes. I’ve seen a few pairs of Dansko that I think will work for me but I need more. I love my comfortable Airwalk platform thong sandals that I got a couple years ago. I can’t seem to find anything like that. Walmart ones are great, but come on, I need something that’s not a thong.


Welcome to Icks Day

I now remember why I hate spring. It’s not really allergies. It’s the fluctuations in the weather patterns. We went almost 3 days of rain. Today is clear. They’re calling for major storms again tomorrow and Thursday. Ugh. These changes in air pressure or whatever reek havoc on my sinuses. And my wisdom teeth and jaw. Which causes my ears to ache. Which gives me major headaches and zaps my energy. Even with my iron pill, I feel like ass.

Bleh. I so zonked on the couch. With my son in “big boy pants”. He’s switched around three pairs today. They’re all still dry! He started this yesterday, so we’re on day 2 of potty training success. We’re not doing overnight yet. We’ll work on that a bit later. But!! But!! HE’S FREAKING POTTY TRAINING!!

Okay, I’m outtie for now. I need more sleep or something.

Anything Goes Challenge

Picture: Madi and Josh [8 months old]
Challenge: Anything Goes Wednesday
Scrapkit: Kristin Aargard, Gotta Pixel
Song: There Goes My Life, Kenny Chesney

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