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Scrap With Me a Little

Little Monkey turns nine tomorrow. Yes, I keep posting about that, but holy damn, I can’t help it! NINE! So, before I go insane with MORE pictures of her, I think I should probably post the recent layouts I’ve done thus far Open-mouthed smile Most of them? Done within the past 7 days Smile with tongue out

Kit: Project 2012: June by Connie Prince
Journaling: On June 14th, Madison and Ethan finished their first session of swimming lessons. Ethan was very positive, his teacher said, but he hadn’t progressed enough to move on to level Three. I feel so bad for him. He was so upset when he found out. Madison passed with flying colors though. She has Level 3 lessons the last two weeks of July. Ethan’s on the waitlist for retaking Level 2.

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Project 365: Caught Up

Well, for the past three weeks. Open-mouthed smile I need to work on this actual week’s.

Reminds me that I need to upload the two videos I did recently too Smile with tongue out

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Week 14

Yes, we’re most of the way through Week 15, but I got my Week 14 layout completed! I really love how it turned out. Wordarts to describe each picture seems to be the way that I’m going Open-mouthed smile


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Five Day Weekend


Madison woke up with a wicked sore throat. She has a slight temp too (100.1 is the highest we’ve seen, though she feels warmer).
Poor thing just can’t catch a break.

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