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Keeping it Real: Organizational FAIL

This week, I’m trying to get all into the organizational flow, so that when August comes, and the kids start back in school, I’m ready, set, GO!

Thus far? Failing miserably. Yesterday, my body went into shut down mode and nothing I did that usually works would bring it around. So, I did a workout (hey, that’s good for something, and then I lounged around, with a big ass headache, and a sucky body. Let’s just say I scared the crap out of myself with how I felt.

Today? Still not that great. Didn’t want to wake up, was still recovering from yesterday. I did my work-out and then did a second! Go me! I piddle-farted and played around though, on the computer. A chunk of that was because I was waiting on Josh to call Smile with tongue out

So, I took a shower, and decided to get some groceries and fun stuff for the kids to do inside since it’s ducking HOT outside lately Winking smile

I picked up some great organizational tools that’ll hopefully remind me of what I need to do and what I have done Smile with tongue out I also got fun pens and highlighters to help with that!

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Unspectacular Quirks

Can you relate to any of these??

  1. I’m lazy when it comes to house cleaning. I absolutely HATE to do laundry, and dishes, and things like that.
  2. When it comes to my computer, I’m an organizational freak. My home? Organized chaos all the way
  3. I have an OCD-disorder called Trichotillomania. I have several bald spots, which is why most of my pictures are with my hair up.
  4. I have a slight obsession with school supplies. Notebooks, pens, pencils, all those things make me go INSANE for more. 🙂
  5. My dream is to become a published author, but I don’t think I’m good enough 🙁
  6. I’m an insomniac who usually can only go to sleep with the aid of sleep medications. I’m notorious for staying up until 7am, and crashing for a few hours, and then being up the rest of the day, and able to do it the next night as well.

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