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P365: Week 11 & 12

071/365 [2014] - Delicious Ice Cream
Delicious yummy ice cream. I love Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, but most especially their cheesecake brownie!

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10 Down…

14 to go.


And, I’m exhausted, XD. Didn’t sleep well last night, and the kids have been pains. I’m so tired, I was putting spices in the fridge and thinking I’d put the butter in without a lid.

Wake me up, please, :lol:.

Thankfully, dinner is done. God bless Ziploc’s steam bags. We’re having Tilapia, broccoli, and potatoes. *nummy* Oh, and pudding for dessert. Kids can have vanilla or chocolate, and Josh and I get Oreo, :lol:.