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That’s a Planner Right There

Ready for next week! Doing the tracking! Set up a meal plan. Ready to take notes about the day!

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Week in the Life [September 2013]

ae_bracket_promo_witl2013I’m excited! I just found out about this “Week in the Life” through Alie Edwards. I love this idea. I did one last year (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, if you want to read them), and I loved it. So, I’m doing this this year. If the other one still happens in October, I’ll do that then, as well.

This week, I’m going to warn you, is going to be pretty boring. It’s the middle of the month. There’s nothing going on. Girl Scouts was today, so I don’t even have that. Just looked at my schedule, and I honestly have nothing going at all. Oh well. I’m hoping to take a few walks, but we’ll see how that goes, 😆

October … Already?

There’s no way that it’s already October. Nope, I refuse to believe it! Oh well, I guess I have to. I did write the newsletter, so that is something to signify that a new month has come and gone.

Speaking of newsletter, here’s some new layouts, using new stuff 😀

Kit: Life Is But a Dream {October FWP} by Inspired Designs
Template: Inspired Designs

Kit: Fall Festival buffet, pieces by Pretty in Green

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Party Here

Inside my bag!!

Sadly, no real party. I’m ready for bed. I’m TIRED. Exhausted. SLEEPY!

Long weekend. Next couple weeks aren’t looking any slower. THEN I start October, which is going to be JUST as insane.

So, for now, I’m just going to be thankful my purse holds so much crap!!

Okay, that’s it. I’m off to bed. I’m going to leave you with a cute picture of my Abby Dabby, and bid you adieu!

Labor Day Parade

Goodness Gracious

I could go for some great balls on fire! It’s CHILLY in Kansas this morning (almost afternoon Surprised smile). It’s nice. Fall is here. But sheezus, wasn’t expecting to be wearing a sweater and freezing Open-mouthed smile


See, I’m wrapped up in a blanket, and STILL freezing. That’s the epitome of nutso Open-mouthed smile

Oh well, I do have new scrap designs to show off Open-mouthed smile

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