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Write With Me


I have a bit of a love affair with pens and other sorts of writing supplies.
Now to figure out how to put them to use!

09/25/2009: Current Song Stuck in Head

Green Day – “21 Guns” – HD

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Thursday Thirteen – 12th Edition – Things to Shoot

Thirteen Things I Want to Shoot
pictures of, of course

  • My wonderful husband :: He might hate having his picture taken, but he sure hams it up sometimes.
  • My gorgeous girl :: she’s too cute not to take pictures of
  • My han’m little fella :: especially now that he’s gotten his hair cut (pictures will follow)
  • The Kansas sunsets :: they’re so colorful, almost ALWAYS that I love taking shots of it
  • My parents :: I’m going back in May for my sister’s graduation, and I want and need shots of my folks
  • My sister’s graduation :: I don’t have pictures of my graduation (my parents do), and I want ones from my sister’s 🙂
  • My parents’ horses :: Tiki and Chippewa are so photogenic
  • Molly and Suzie :: Mark and Jamie’s dogs 🙂 Madi’s obsessions
  • ‘Pache and Bear :: My parents’ dogs. Bear has been around awhile, and I need some more pictures of him. ‘Pache’s just extremely high strung and does the craziest stuff
  • Walks on the path :: we’ve got an amazing path around the complex, and I love taking pictures of the trees and everything around, including the sky and the kids
  • Me :: I want random crazy shots of me 🙂
  • Random objects :: who says shots have to be of something tangible?
  • Everything else :: I don’t want to limit myself.

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The point of this week’s Thursday Thirteen is to jump start ideas for Project 365. I might be late in the game, but I want to take part in it. I’d started in January, but fell behind very fast. I just need motivation to complete it.

I’ll also be starting, on Monday, a year of photos with Ethan. I got the idea from Lotus. She does it for her son, and I’m planning on also starting it for Madi after her birthday 🙂 Madi’s might officially start late because I might not have internet (we’ll be on the road then), but it’ll be okay 🙂