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Bring On November

Just a few more minutes left until November starts!

Be it a good one!

READING: MacGregors by Nora Roberts
MAKING: Newsletter images :O
FEELING: Headache
LOVING: One more month down!

Review: All The Possibilities

Tempting Face
One Man’s Art by Nora Roberts
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This isn’t the best of the series. I understand Grant didn’t want the world to know what he does, or exactly what happened with his father (with those who might not realize), but he claimed he had feelings for Gennie.
To me, Grant just came off as asshole. Not a defensive mechanism, but asshole. I didn’t like it.

Review: All The Possibilities

Tempting Face
All the Possibilities by Nora Roberts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Continuing the theme of the MacGregors, again.
This time, time for Alan and Shelby.
Alan is a senator, on the fast track to being president. Totally not related, but I’d vote for him if he was running right now.
Anyways, he runs into Shelby Campbell. MacGregors and Campbells do not get along, supposedly, but they seem to be just fine 😉
Shelby is from a political family. Her father was a senator before he was murdered. He was murdered in front of Shelby, and her brother Grant, a reclusive artist.
She doesn’t want to fall for Alan but she can’t help it. She doesn’t have that control.
All in all, a great story, and I love that she’s an artist. I love that she gets along so well with Rena (Serena) and that she stood up to Daniel.
Also, McGee … the butler. <3 Seriously, <3

Too Many Choices

Okay, I’m going with books in which I own the whole series already, and if I can’t find a book, I can easily grab it for the Kindle.

So, for now: JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood, Sherrilyn Kenyon’s The League, and Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dream Hunter, Dark Hunter, Were Hunter mixture (in order of release :P)

I might end up doing, at some point, Diana Palmer‘s Long Tall Texans, and other trilogies and what-not from Nora Roberts, but this’ll get me started.


A Reason to Write From a Teacher

While searching for some books for Julie to borrow (Nora Roberts FTW, her Stanislaski series, her MacGregor series, a chunk of her Key series [I have them all but one is hiding itself], and the Storm series by Catherine Coulter), I found Frankenstein by Mary Shelley in the pile. Inside was a handwritten note, to me, from my senior English teacher.

Miss Burkett:
Never stop reading and continue your writting [sp] – you have a penchant for it so work at developing it.

Pursue excellence; you have the talent to achieve it.

Coach Whicker
May 2000

I heard down the line that he’d written a book and that he’d recently passed away. It breaks my heart to know that such an amazing teacher is no longer shaping the minds of young adults, but his teachings and lessons still live on in me.

He is the one who helped show me that my love for reading and writing can pay off for me. He’s the who showed me that even when given a certain topic, that as long as I find something in that topic to be passionate about, I can write about almost anything.

His words, those beloved words, encourage me to continue on, and struggle each year with NaNo. This year, I’ll complete it. Maybe next year I’ll be brave and send something off. Who knows. All I know is that my first book will be dedicated to the memory of Coach Whicker, Senior English for the Graduating Class of 2000.