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Long Time No Post

I’m bad about this blogging thing.

Actually, I’ve just been really exhausted. Working 50 hours this week alone, and I worked 45 hours last week! And it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any easier on me anytime soon (or anyone of us).

So, I’m posting, FINALLY, again, with a warning that I won’t be steady until August. Then I’ll be working on prepping for #NaNoWriMo and I’m stupid excited for that!

Do I have an idea for it? Nope, not a clue.

But I’m ready to begin!

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Damn it getting kids ready for bed. I missed the last half of America’s Next Top Model (ANTM). *grumble* I like ANTM. Anyone catch the last half? I didn’t even get to see who got passes and who didn’t for the first cut 🙁 That SUCKS!!

Speaking of kiddos, we did panties today with Madi. TWICE she pee’d in them. TWICE. Both times AFTER we had her on the potty. *grumble* Someone in a community suggested putting her in pants, and having her feel the sensation of being wet. Didn’t work. She just took the damn pants off, and ran around with wet panties. I’m starting to wonder if she even notices that they’re wet until they’re really wet. Seriously need Josh to have a normal day off so that we can take them both to their doctor(s).

Oh, and MOMMIES!! There’s a new community out there just for us: My Mommy Escape Come and join us!! And while you’re there, check me out, and friend me!!. I friend back 🙂

What is My Mommy Escape? It’s basically like MySpace, without the assholes trying to hit you up with naked pictures of themselves. It’s like Facebook, without all the annoying features you never use in the first place. It’s a safe-haven for mommies. It’s for women only, of all walks of life and preferences. It’s definitely worth a check out!!


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Special Sale – 09/15/07 Only

Do you like to collect sigs?
Would you like the ability to receive one each and every day, without having to worry about remembering to order?
Would you like to get special discounts with your membership, such as 10 free tags a month, on top of the daily tag you receive?

If so, then check out Sigs ‘n More. Each day you’ll receive your own special tag, and each month, you get to choose 10 free ones for yourself or friends and family, or even mix it up. There’s also special discounts given on other items in the shop.

Sale Prices are as follows:

  • 3 months: $10
  • 6 months: $25
  • 1 year: $45
  • Lifetime: $85
  • Can’t beat those deals.

    I know no one really cares, but the reason for the sale is that mine and hubby’s anniversary is tomorrow. We went overboard buying stuff for the kiddos, and a few things for the apartment (along with bills), and can’t afford to treat ourselves to much. I want to be able to do something nice with him, since we so rarely get to go out 🙂

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    It’s Not Just Another Day

    Today is not just another day to me. It’s the day Josh and I realized that we were dating, no matter what we said to the contrary. It’s the day I realized, literally, that family means everything and anything to me. It’s the day that I mended those bridges I thought were burned, and got the family that mattered back.

    Today is also the day of my sister’s birth!

    Today’s her 18th birthday. I remember the day she was born nearly as clearly as I remember her birthday 6 years ago. Scary, huh?

    Happy Birthday, Stankay!!

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    Too Sweet

    Okay, if you didn’t know, I’m a huge Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson fan. I love his movies, I love his body, I love to watch him wrestle (and I hate wrestling).

    So, that means, of course, I can’t wait until Sept. 21, for The Rock Block! Disney Channel is going to have 2 shows with the Rock on it, in honor of his new Disney movie 🙂 *giggles* He’s going to be on “Corey In the House”, which also has his adorable little co-star, Madison Pettis. She’s such a little cutie!

    After “Corey in the House”, he’s going to be on “Hannah Montana”. *giggles* Dwayne and Billy Ray. I’m going to be in absolute HEAVEN!! *sweet*

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