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A Little Behind But I Caught Up!

Work and sickness (headaches) got me behind on my scrapping, but I’m going to catch back up!

Pics are a few years old (date is listed). I love the title work that I did though!

Kit: Coaster Craze by Mags Graphics
Template: Precious by Pixelily Designs

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11 April, 2017 · 6:10 pm

I got New Shoes


I needed to replace my shoes, desperately. So, we went to the mall first. All they had were pastel shoes. I can’t wear pastel at work. So, off to Academy Sports we went, where I KNEW the shoes were at.

Well, I tried them on (after spending a couple minutes finding the LAST pair in a 7.5 ). Ugh. It hurt the top of my foot. I panicked. That’s the only way to describe it. I panicked! I didn’t know what to do.

So, I checked out a pair of black Nikes. I didn’t want them. They also caused pain in the same spot.

Josh then pointed out that the shoes weren’t laced the way I lace my shoes. I have to lace mine differently because of my high arches.

So, I tried the original ASICS on my other foot. No pain. No nothing.


After I put the shoe back on the foot that hurt, after adjusting my sock (I wore a thicker pair to make sure I got the right fit, and they have extra padding in the arch as well, ). I’m walking around, jumping. Everything.

I was so excited! I had found my shoes! They were exactly the ones I had gone in to buy, and I even grabbed some socks. I’m such a dork. The colors of a couple pairs matched my shoes and I was sold .

I’m so excited that I’m starting 2017 with a new pair of ASICS; this time they’re a pair of Gel Excite 4. They’re so perty!

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Weekly Winners – March 16, 2008

Pictures are not in any special order 🙂

Is that an EAR I spy?

Mommy and her boy (ignore the splotchies … skin is getting used to its own hormones)

Hmm, nice ass 🙂

Papier please? (Yes, he says “papier”)


More rings than keys, XD

Who cares about maturity? It’s BIG but COMFY!!

Too damn small!!

Sims music is awesome (actually, I just get annoyed hearing it when I’m trying to watch TV, xd

Oh that? That’s my spot 🙂

Hey, privacy here!! I’m talking to my husband 🙂

Shirt says it all! “Totally Yours … Until I’m Bored”, and I was bored 😛

What’s more adorable? His gorgeous blonde hair or the fact that he’s putting on his sunglasses, inside, and upside-down?

Madi’s very domestic, even if it’s in Ethan’s room, 😛

The colored walls. They were originally pristine white.

Double the cuteness, but only singlet of trouble.

The haircut is too freaking CUTE!!

She’s actually comfortable that way o.O

She’s so sweet looking 🙂

He needs a grooming!! His brows, at least!!

They love their new shoes 🙂 Madi got Tinkerbell ones (she picked them), and Ethan got a pair of Thomas tennis shoes, and plain brown sandals (Madi already got new tennis shoes)

Mr. Thrilled

Adorable sleeper

Yeah, she’s gonna cry, for some reason.

You’re doing it wrong!

Bye bye, Shaggy look-a-like 🙁


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