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New Camera

I got a new camera! I got myself the ! It came with a too! Oh, and a ! Not a bad deal for $600, including tax, right?

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WW: July 3-9, 2011

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All shots taken with a Canon Rebel XS, Sony Cybershot DSCW120, Kodak EasyShare C195, or the HTC Surround Windows Phone More can be found on my Flickr account The Moon … taken with bulb setting on my Rebel I’m proud … Continue reading

Some 4th Shots

Yesterday, I didn’t blog. I have a valid excuse: I was gone all day, Smile with tongue out We went to Josh’s brother’s house. It was a good day. A very good day. All the siblings hung out, and it was just great! I got a LOT of pictures, but didn’t get many decent ones of the fireworks. We didn’t go to the ones held in Topeka. I hate crowds. Josh’s neck was all screwy. I did get some shots, though.

I also got some videos of the kids! They played on a little park near where Jesse lives Smile

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Weekly Winners: June 26-July 02, 2011

All shots taken with a Canon Rebel XS , Sony Cybershot DSCW120 , or the HTC Surround Windows Phone
More can be found on my Flickr account

Not much has gone on this week. Just swimming lessons, major sunburn from the Sunburn Queen (that would be me), and some new electronics. BIGGEST piece: a new replacement battery and a spare charger for the laptop! Now I can can be plugged in in the living room or the bedroom and only have to cart the laptop around. New battery is working GREAT! I was worried it wouldn’t fit, because I have luck like that, but nope, fits great, same as the charger Smile

Another new electronic is a Kodak Mini Cam (the ZM1). It’s a waterproof digital camcorder! Party smile We won’t discuss the moronicitis I developed upon receipt of said electronic, Laughing out loud. Let’s just say I know where the battery is quite perfectly right now! Smile with tongue out

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Photohunt: Ruined

Theme: Together

Old picture, yes, but it’s definitely ruined

Now, to bring out why I’m using this picture. I’m working on trying to budget a savings plan for a new camera, but I need a replacement one like yesterday. My birthday is the 8th, and I’ve already told Mom and Dad that I would love a new camera for Christmas. Well, their budget isn’t big enough for my dream camera, though, so I’m looking at getting something maybe a little smaller, and cheaper.

A Twitter buddy and I were talking about the Ashton Kutcher commercials for the Nikon’s, and I wondered about those. I checked out the Nikon Coolpix S60, because of the awesomeness of the touchscreen but it was way out of the price range too. $300 for a camera is too much. 🙁 Ashton also advertised for the Nikon Coolpix S550, which I like. Something that can fit in my pocket is nice, but I’m leery of tiny. Tiny breaks on me, :lol:.

So, what’s your opinion?