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So … Things Need to Change

This was me … a year ago. That’s … not how I look now.
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When I was a teen, I never had to figure out the best cream for acne. Why? Because I actually had good skin. I’d break out when I started, but otherwise, I was pretty clear.

Now, after two kids, and being almost 30, I have the skin of a never-showering teenage boy! It’s so freaking gross. No matter what I’ve tried, it doesn’t help. Its even worse in the winter because my skin dries out so badly. 🙁 It really freaking sucks.

Anyone else have a similar problem?


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Need a Tutorial, Please

Okay, I have CS4 (and access to 2), and I’m wanting to use a mask.

I know how to create one, but not use a premade one, like this:

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Character Sheets

Can anyone hook me up to sites with character sheets. I want ones I can either download and edit by hand or ones I can edit in Word. Or even copy-paste onto my blog and stuff like that.

Please, hook a girl up with some links, PLEASE!
And I’ll share whatever I find.

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