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Today Was a Washout!

Like, quite literally.

I went to the store a LOT later than I had planned. It rained all day. I thought it was done.
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First Tornado Warning of the Year


So, Authentic Weather was a little too accurate. I took this screenshot before our tornado watch started.
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Welcome Back Winter

There’s a saying about the Midwest. If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.
It’s especially true right now. It’s January 3rd and we’ve already hit 3 seasons.
Fall: the leaves are still falling from the trees. You get little wind tunnels.
Spring: It RAINED all day yesterday. But it wasn’t super cold. It felt NICE :O
Winter: It’s back today with a vengeance and we’re expecting snow tomorrow.
Hello, Winter. It’s “nice” to have you back.

Snow Day


This storm system has caused the next day as well to be cancelled, not just today. Oh boy!

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Big and Puffy


For once, I’m not talking about my eyes. Nope. The clouds today were huge, and beautiful.

Prayers and thoughts are with those in Oklahoma, affected by the tornadoes.