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Weekly Winners: On Hold

329/365 {2011} - NaNoWriMo Continues!

I’ll post all the weeks that I’ve missed, I promise, so it’ll be a HUGE HUGE amount (Nov 06-Dec. 03 will be the days, so three weeks worth?)

The reason is NaNoWriMo. It’s not that it’s kicking my ass, it’s just that I’m focusing on that.

See ya then with them!

And It’s Monday Again

Busy Day I’m not looking at any motor home repairs, but I wouldn’t mind getting my windshield replaced. That huge ding (that’s filled, so not getting bigger) really pisses me off. Freaking truck flying down a dirt road, flinging rocks every which way. I had only had the truck a few MONTHS when it happened too Sad smile

Otherwise, there seriously isn’t much going on. I hit yesterday’s word count today, Laughing out loud but I helped with hosting Night of Writing Dangerously on AIM, so yeah, I get a pass, I think! Goal is 35007 today! We’ll see if I reach it. I should.



It’s not going PERFECTLY, but it’s going!

See if you can figure out the current word count. Here’s a hint: 28466

The Vlog Says It All

Yesterday’s REAL Excerpt

I skipped to the dream sequence for a bit. I need to have it. It’s guaranteed words. She’s going to be horrified. She’s going to be scared. There are LOTS of unique peoples and things to write. So, for word count boostage, I’m using it!!

The first thing she felt was pain. There were shooting pains in her head and a throbbing pain in her backside. She then felt a pressure on her chest. It wasn’t a lot of pressure. It felt like Pumpernickel was sitting on her chest, but with maybe a small friend as well. She didn’t want to open her eyes. The smell was of burning firewood, and nature. That was the only way to describe it. It smelled like the outdoors, like a fresh fall day, with leaves on the ground. The wind blew slightly, bringing more scents to her nose. There was the smell of some sort of animal. It was an almost cat like smell, but not completely cat. There was an almost bird like smell to it as well. What was going on? The last thing she remembered was running out the door after Pumpernickel. The cat who abhorred being outdoors had made a mad dash for escape. Why had she run? She felt a sandpaper tongue lick her nose. She knew that feeling. That was definitely Pumpernickel. So the weight on her chest was definitely her cat, the reason she was on the ground. Alex opened her eyes, slowly and carefully. She first a bright blinding light, and she closed her eyes in defense. She slowly opened them again. She saw tree leaves, high above her. The trees towered over her, much taller than she remembered seeing them before. She slowly rotated her eyes down and looked at her cat. She reached up with her hand, her left hand, and was relieved to know nothing hurt when she moved. She reached over to pet her cat, and felt something off. Something was weird about her cat. Something wasn’t right. There was a leathery patch, with what felt like … was that feathers? She pushed the cat off her chest and jumped up. She grabbed her head as the world spun around her, her other hand reaching for her stomach as it tilted on it’s access. Cold, icy dread hit her as she watched, in horror, as the cat that had been on her chest, the cat that looked so much like her precious Pumpernickel, spread it’s … were those WINGS? “Oh … my … god,” she sputtered out. She looked around. This was not Washington. Yes, some spots looked the same, but something was still wrong. Something was so horribly wrong. “Where am I?” “You’re in Faerun,” a voice told her. That voice! She knew that voice. She’d heard that voice so many times. She had never heard it in person, but she had heard it in her dreams. The dream world she had lived in every time she had closed her eyes. She reached over with her left hand and pinched the inside of her right wrist. “Ouch!” she exclaimed.

Considering I was behind when I started today, getting ahead is just a little pipedream, but I’m excited for this! I love how it’s going so far!

Current word count: 18359/50000