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PSE 10

I has it Open-mouthed smile I made $50 doing paid stuff, so I splurged on it. It was $30 cheaper than an upgrade, so I have BOTH versions on the tower. Open-mouthed smile


I used an MCP freebie action. I love their blog magic stuff. Really, I do. I just justify $130 for the whole set Sad smile

Otherwise, not much is going on. I am 205 words from today’s goal. The only words I wrote were before 1am, and that was 1044 words in 20 minutes. It felt GREAT!

She’s Catching Up


After a busy day, we were all pooped out. Even the dogs! It was a great Thanksgiving though!


I hit my NaNoWriMo goal! WHILE at Thanksgiving Open-mouthed smile

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And It’s Monday Again

Busy Day I’m not looking at any motor home repairs, but I wouldn’t mind getting my windshield replaced. That huge ding (that’s filled, so not getting bigger) really pisses me off. Freaking truck flying down a dirt road, flinging rocks every which way. I had only had the truck a few MONTHS when it happened too Sad smile

Otherwise, there seriously isn’t much going on. I hit yesterday’s word count today, Laughing out loud but I helped with hosting Night of Writing Dangerously on AIM, so yeah, I get a pass, I think! Goal is 35007 today! We’ll see if I reach it. I should.


I’m co-modding Team Dino!


Because otherwise, I’m pretty much unavailable 😀