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OH MY GOD! I didn’t think I was going to make it! Then I hit 48k, and I was like … NO GIVING UP! Then came 49K and I’m like, fuck it, NOT GOING TO BED!


PSE 10

I has it Open-mouthed smile I made $50 doing paid stuff, so I splurged on it. It was $30 cheaper than an upgrade, so I have BOTH versions on the tower. Open-mouthed smile


I used an MCP freebie action. I love their blog magic stuff. Really, I do. I just justify $130 for the whole set Sad smile

Otherwise, not much is going on. I am 205 words from today’s goal. The only words I wrote were before 1am, and that was 1044 words in 20 minutes. It felt GREAT!

And It’s Monday Again

Busy Day I’m not looking at any motor home repairs, but I wouldn’t mind getting my windshield replaced. That huge ding (that’s filled, so not getting bigger) really pisses me off. Freaking truck flying down a dirt road, flinging rocks every which way. I had only had the truck a few MONTHS when it happened too Sad smile

Otherwise, there seriously isn’t much going on. I hit yesterday’s word count today, Laughing out loud but I helped with hosting Night of Writing Dangerously on AIM, so yeah, I get a pass, I think! Goal is 35007 today! We’ll see if I reach it. I should.



It’s not going PERFECTLY, but it’s going!

See if you can figure out the current word count. Here’s a hint: 28466

Can I Call in Sick?


My word count isn’t suffering. I’m still at 8535/50000 … the minimum goal for today officially is 8333. I’m fine. But I need to write, because while I will hopefully have my laptop with me tomorrow, I don’t know how long, how much, all that, I will have.

So, my personal goal is 10202, which is 1667 words for today. First, I’m going to finish my dinner, and then I’m going to go to the bedroom and get on the laptop. Only site I’ll have open will be the NaNoWriMo site so I can update my word count.