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Still Not a Fan

Elephants are just to capture your attention

Yeah, I guess I could get used to how this block editing works, but UGH! I’m so used to how everything looks in a WYSIWYG editor, and easily slipping into the HTML and making things just perfect!

It’s annoying to not have the ability to completely control how everything looks, but I’m going to force myself to use it!

I at least got this video to finally get edited!

It took me way too freaking long to get that stupid video to render! Every. Program. Would. Crash! I finally got it to work in Adobe Rush, and I’m so happy I did, because I also learned that they finally added in some features that kept me from using it before!

Now, I’m hoping to get back to regular blogging. My goal for 2020 with this is to blog at least three times a week!


Trying to Eat Healthier

I’m trying to make healthier, smarter choices. Just small ones here and there (as I sit here, nomming on some Pumpkin Pie KitKats ). Each morning, especially before work, I make sure I have myself a shake. I switched to non-lactose containing milks (Fairlife ultra-processed or almondmilk), and I’ve noticed a HUGE change in how my body is digesting! Yay for that win against IBS!
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Today Has Been Mostly Good!

Today I turned 37!

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30 Days – 3-Day 01

Day 01 –> Something you hate about yourself.

The biggest thing would be the Trich. Why? Because my daughter sees it, and she now plays with her hair a lot. I’m worried she’ll start. I don’t want her to EVER deal with it! Continue reading

Clearer Skin

I’m definitely seeing clearer skin since I started SkinID. I’ve actually fully stepped away from acne scrub type products, because while my skin felt great the first hour or so after, it wasn’t thrilled me after that!

Josh got some Proactive from his brother. Like two completely unopened kits! Thanks, Jesse!! I’m waiting for him to actually start using it, and seeing how well it helps him! He’s so self-conscious of his skin. I know how he feels, though.