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Project 2016: Week 04 & Week 05

Template: Reflections: January by Dagi Pieces: #2016 by Connie Prince Hug Them Tight collab Smitten collab It's a Wrap collab Fonts: Janda Curlygirl Chunky Regular Hello Heartache Regular Journaling: The week of learning the camera, playing with the family, and just working my butt off. And that is almost literal. I’m losing inches all over the place. I am so loving it! It’s all about not allowing myself to eat everything in sight. So far, that’s the only real change I had to make. I like that! Now if only it would warm up again! http://store.gingerscraps.net/-2016-January-Bundle-Collection.html http://store.gingerscraps.net/Reflections-January.html http://store.gingerscraps.net/GingerBread-Ladies-Collab-Hug-Them-Tight.html http://store.gingerscraps.net/GingerBread-Ladies-Collab-Smitten.html http://store.gingerscraps.net/GingerBread-Ladies-Collab-It-s-A-Wrap.html

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8 February, 2016 · 10:08 pm

Project 2016: Week 01

It’s only the second week (officially started the 3rd week), but I am already behind. As I shared in yesterday’s post, I’ve been busy, :lol:. It’s okay, though. I’m at least taking pictures. I’m researching desks, cameras, and laptops, so I’m ready to get more productive again!

Template: My Story V7 by LissyKay Designs
Kit Pieces:
#2016 by Connie Prince
Get Your Step On by Leaving a Legacy
I Love Reading by CathyK

January came in without much fanfare. It was a good week, winning two out of three Workweek Hustles I’m proud of myself for that. My goal for 2016 is to hit goal as many days as possible. No excuses. So far, I’m doing great at it, too! YAY!

I’ve set a goal of 250 books for 2016 as well. I also want to blog more about my reading; book reviews and things, as well as expanding my actual reading tendencies. Not just romance by some non-fiction as well! We shall see how that goes in 2016!

Commercial Script Normal
Pea Faye Regular

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16 January, 2016 · 3:04 pm

Project Life: Week 22

I went from a crazy amount of pictures to not a lot. That’s how my weeks go 😆

Credits and what-not are under the individual layouts. I’m back to using multiple kits and pieces and listing all the stuff I use.

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4 June, 2014 · 10:16 pm

Project Life: Week 19

I’m playing catch-up with the Project Life stuff. I’ve only got two more weeks to do! Open-mouthed smile


Kit: Project 2014 by Connie Prince
Templates: My Story Vol 1 & 2 by LissyKay Designs

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30 May, 2014 · 1:00 pm

Project Life: Week 10

Template: My Story Vol6 by LissyKay Designs
Project 2014 by Connie Prince
DJB Tell YOUR Story
DJB Tell YOUR Story 2

Dinner one night involved Cheddar Bay biscuits, from a box! So delicious! I made the kids’ appointment for the dentist. April Fool’s Day will have a whole new meaning for them.
We finally got warm enough temps to OPEN WINDOWS! I can’t remember the last time we could do that. Later in the week, it got warm enough again, but the wind was too nuts! 🙁
Saturday, I finally opened my box of Thin Mints. yum! I have a few more to enjoy, as well! YAY! Sunday, we also delivered most of the boxes to their homes! That was interesting!


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22 March, 2014 · 10:48 pm